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Orthodox Liturgical Music
For Every Choir

Whether your choir is large or small, here you will find
free standard settings and premium original content
in English that will help you beautify liturgical worship at your parish

Orthodox liturgical music is one of the most effective ways that we [cultivate the spiritual life], and is one of the most tangible outreach tools available to churches today. Music is often the first thing which deeply strikes people when they walk into an Orthodox church, even before they absorb the iconography, the architecture, the words of the services, or the preaching. Moreover, beautiful church music has a remarkable capacity to meet people on, as it were, neutral territory.

Where words and concepts can feel threatening to many people, beautiful sacred art—and sacred music especially—forces and threatens no one. Rather, it works to soften their hearts, preparing them to receive the things of God without their even realizing it.”

– His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon
“Of What Life Do We Speak”

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An Accessible Library of Orthodox Choral Music

Our library is growing, with most pieces being sung by the brotherhood and seminarians at Saint Tikhon’s every day of the year. You’ll find the music to be accessible by ease of discovery, by price, and by the ability to learn and sing the pieces beautifully. 

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Mission Statement

The STM Music Resource exists to serve church communities by providing quality sheet music for liturgical use. We aim to offer church choirs, both large and small, with consistent, rigorously edited, and insightfully curated music in a digital format for the purpose of printing. In the first phase of development, we are working on making available the musical resources already in the St. Tikhon’s Monastery music library. These include mostly arrangements and adaptations of liturgical music, as well as some original works, for two-part, male, and mixed choir, all set by members of the STM Music Team. In the second phase, we will focus on further expanding this library and inviting other contributors. In parallel, it is our ambition to provide accompanying MIDI and/or vocal recordings for a significant portion of the library. Finally, the third phase will seek to complete the library with the goal of containing all the music necessary for celebrating the major services of the liturgical cycle in two-part, four-part, and mixed arrangements.