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Liturgy Prokimena (Great Feasts & Other Common) – Znamenny Chant, Sheehan, Mixed, SATB


Includes settings of liturgy prokimena for Great Feasts, such as Pascha, Feasts of the Theotokos, Exaltation of the Cross, Nativity of the Lord, Theophany/Palm Sunday, Annunciation, Ascension, Pentecost, and Transfiguration. It also includes settings of other common prokimena, such as the Song of the Fathers, Funeral Liturgy, Righteous Women/Women Martyrs, Church New Year/St. Thomas Sunday/Other Feasts, Dedication of a Temple, Saturday after Nativity, Hieromartyrs/Monk-Martyrs/Confessors, Hierarchs, Righteous Men/Fools-for-Christ/Other Saints, Holy Unmercenaries/Other Martyrs, Holy Baptism/Water Blessings, and Holy Prophets.

Minimum 4 copies.

Note: If you are purchasing A La Carte, we ask that you please purchase as many copies as you have voices in your choir, just as you would purchase physical copies at a music store for each of your voices.


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